Perhaps I was a bit quick to judge. If my review of Sherlock Holms wasn’t enough of a clue, I’m generally not very good at reviewing things. There was a short(read: very short) period of time I was staff on another website. I wrote a great review for MonkeyBone, a horrible movie. And I only realized it was horrible two days after viewing. Shame on me.

I’m not getting at that particular review, however, I’m talking more specifically of Astro Burger. I’m still steering clear of their onion rings, for sure, but they have a vast menu, are within walking distance, and I have the occasional habit of getting drunk. This is something likely to reoccour in the following months when this rather large apartment becomes, as has been stated by several visitors and more than one inhabitant, “Party Central”. Meaning Astro Burger has the high likelyhood of becoming “After-Party Central”.

As I type this there is both a party going on next door in the neighboring apartment building and one across the street… and quite possible a third about to begin somewhere else across the street. I, however, am sitting in the back, in my room, very slowly consuming my chicken quesadilla several hors after a Saturday’s day of work. There are oh so many more things inside this tasty chicken/cheese based consumable than there are in the simple cheese one they offer, which is one I drunkenly consumed following a previous visit.

As for the parties to come… a first is planned sometime during this month. The most actively artistic member of our group of three in this place of residence seems to plan to go particularly crazy with color in the (currently) mostly empty living room, or so he said last night, loudly, on the balcony, before anything is to happen.

Add to that, our apparent lack of furniture and the fact that we have a few boxes still about and it seems there is work to be done. But I have been promised parties and I finally live in an apartment I’m not either sharing with my mother, or at least somewhat ashamed of.

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  1. javy Says:

    Haha your so random, you always have something interesting for me to read.

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