Enter the Crew

Today, we(the five leads) introduced ourselves to the full crew of what was 46 yesterday. 50 before they started. Sadly, it’s expected this number will continue to drop throughout the length of the event. Our challenge then is to keep as many as possible till the end.

I had to introduce myself first since we were doing it by seniority. I gave my name, mentioned I’d been here for four years(and a half, really), and then said something about us all being here because we loved Halloween. Then the other four gave about as much info. Before hand, there were firing squad jokes and a short chat about Black Ops and shooting zombies.

So we went through everything again. Twice through each position. Seems they’re getting it. I’ve heard too many horror stories of the past where people didn’t know where they were going or did things that didn’t make sense. None of these people seem dumb. Or maybe that’s just me and my silly belief that everyone’s smart enough to “get it”.

Yesterday, and again into today, I kept thinking about how this feels like a reality show. I even mentioned it, but I doubt the person I mentioned it to was listening. The reality genre being akin to Survivor, of course. We’re out on the backlot, near the woods on the property. There’s quite a lot of nature on Universal’s backlot and you don’t really think about it untill you’re walking in it. Yesterday was when I finally accepted “World’s largest working studio & theme park” as truth and not just because I don’t think there’s any other film studio with a theme park on the property. It’s huge. The tour doesn’t really show that very well.

Anyway… there are a few things about the event that haven’t been shown. We know certian things must be done but we won’t be able to get them down untill the whole thing begins. Tomorrow night is the first night of actually doing anything. A dress rehearsal for all of us. We’ve been warned about things that will happen. Unpleasant things. And they will be mentioned in future updates, with limited details, of course. Those are exciting things.

Tomorrow night, everyone will be dressed in their black robes and given their flashlights. ScareActors will be in position, ready to scare park guests, music will be on, fog machines will be running, special lights will be on, and many people will be screaming. This is the first big test for all of us. It’s one thing to know where you’re supposed to be, but the stimulation is different.

It’s going to be awesome.

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