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Friday, April 29th, 2011

In an effort to simply update my page navigator, I caused this site to go blank. Had to do some fiddling through ftp just so I could see it properly again. It seems okay now, but I no longer have easy page navigation. May have to look for a new one that won’t eat my site.

Meanwhile… in the time since my last update I have registered on both Youtube and Twitter. Twitter happened a few hours ago. I’ve got some friends on it who apparently update more ther than on Facebook. I’m hoping it might be of some use for this blog. Unfortunately, I could not get @roboticdragon as it’s already been taken. Same with the youtube account. roboticdragon was taken. Perhaps if I had checked back when I set this site up, it might’ve been available. Oh well.

Also, on the subject of fixes… I messed up my ankle a while back limiting my ability to go skating and, after over a month, I have yet to feel up to snuff on going again. At least my limp is gone.