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Web Critters

Friday, February 18th, 2011

The internet is a funny place. There are strange entities “living” within its imaginary walls. Maintaining an existance by feeding off the innocent are virii. A simple one merely duplicates itself on your computer. A more complex one hide is email attachments, like alien eggs waiting to hatch and molest your face. Once cleared, you may think its gone, but something more sinister moves on through your address book, bursting from within. Then running off to do more damage.

A virus is not the only type of creature living online. Most of these things are bots. Not necessarily so troublesome as a virus, but also pestular. Bots, as I have discovered, like to attach themselves to blogs and webforums. Hooking on via email accounts. If there is an open registration, these things will constantly get in, using up user numbers and waiting, it seems, for something. Possibly leading to a hacked site.(This site was hacked a while back and fixed before I could check it out)

Aside from these silent user bots, there are spambots. Spambots can speak. They post comments that seem somewhat valuable as they seem written to flatter the blogger into approving the messages so that the spambot might post again without approval. I haven’t gotten beyond permitting these critters to exist on this blog, so I really don’t know where that leads.

It could also be that these things are legitimate human beings… but I’d hardly classify them as that.

Oh yeah. And the point of this entry was to mention I have turned off open registration, but if you happen to be a reader of this thing and would like to register, you’ll have to let me know by shooting off an email or contacting me another way. Not that any normal humans have registered.