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Back at the Zoo Part 2

Friday, February 5th, 2010

Well… crap, I’ve done a poor job of doing interesting things around LA. The blog’s a work in progress as is my social life. There’s a planned visit to Six Flags later in the month. That will be blogged! Also… possibly a blog about traffic school. Red means stop, apparently.

So, yes… about that title… I have done it. I got up on the stage and took the mic for a second time down at The Liquid Zoo. Suprisingly, I was nowhere near as terrified as the first go. This time, I was capable of noticing the audience reaction and my own disappointment with them. Though, as I understand it, this is to be expected at open mics.

I had gone out to see two friend-comics on Saturday night and a talk with one, while he politely walked me to my car, lead to the idea of memorizing my bits in order to force myself to remember them. I wrote some very quick reminder notes in the palm of my hand so I could remember what I wanted to say and stepped up on stage, completely expecting to feel the same way I did that first night.

Perhaps it was the alcohol, but I wasn’t feeling terribly inebriated when it was my turn to go up. It was a rush this time. Felt great, despite the lackluster responses. Some things just may not be that funny. I didn’t get any negative responses, so I guess that’s good. Not one groan because I only resort to puns when I feel like being stupid.

I have one solid joke I intend to keep using. All others can be altered since it seems they weren’t nearly as strong as I had thought. It’s a trial and error kind of thing. You have to throw the stuff out there and see what sticks. It’s very much like trouble shooting. Oh, this doesn’t work, cut it out. This seems to be ok, keep it, maybe add some insulation.

That’s two down before my birthday. Three now seems like an awfully small number. I’ll be back there next week and/or quite possibly somewhere else before that. We’ll see what happens.

No Wayanses this time.