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Saturday, May 8th, 2010

Perhaps I was a bit quick to judge. If my review of Sherlock Holms wasn’t enough of a clue, I’m generally not very good at reviewing things. There was a short(read: very short) period of time I was staff on another website. I wrote a great review for MonkeyBone, a horrible movie. And I only realized it was horrible two days after viewing. Shame on me.

I’m not getting at that particular review, however, I’m talking more specifically of Astro Burger. I’m still steering clear of their onion rings, for sure, but they have a vast menu, are within walking distance, and I have the occasional habit of getting drunk. This is something likely to reoccour in the following months when this rather large apartment becomes, as has been stated by several visitors and more than one inhabitant, “Party Central”. Meaning Astro Burger has the high likelyhood of becoming “After-Party Central”.

As I type this there is both a party going on next door in the neighboring apartment building and one across the street… and quite possible a third about to begin somewhere else across the street. I, however, am sitting in the back, in my room, very slowly consuming my chicken quesadilla several hors after a Saturday’s day of work. There are oh so many more things inside this tasty chicken/cheese based consumable than there are in the simple cheese one they offer, which is one I drunkenly consumed following a previous visit.

As for the parties to come… a first is planned sometime during this month. The most actively artistic member of our group of three in this place of residence seems to plan to go particularly crazy with color in the (currently) mostly empty living room, or so he said last night, loudly, on the balcony, before anything is to happen.

Add to that, our apparent lack of furniture and the fact that we have a few boxes still about and it seems there is work to be done. But I have been promised parties and I finally live in an apartment I’m not either sharing with my mother, or at least somewhat ashamed of.

The Long Walk

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

The day after my birthday: also convienently a day off. Party coming later. Promise.

I sat on the internet for several hours complaining to noone about the sad, empty state of my stomach. Eventually, I turned the ol Compaq off and headed out in search of food. Now, this could have easily been solved by a quick jaunt over to sevi(7/11 for the uninformed) to buy a hotdog or slice of pizza. They have decent pizza.

I was looking for so much more as well as a reason to not step foot so soon through those doors. Some substance abuse lead to heading there last night. Magic herbs are fun, kids. Yay.

Anyway… I found myself wandering on down Santa Monica Blvd in search of whatever I might find. I was looking for cheap, tasty food that didn’t require a tip or have pretentious clientele. The further West I ventured, it seemed, the more pretentious the bastards sitting outside or walking in the opposite direction. Not to say that gay = pretentious. Gay just became more prevalent itself, to the point of normalcy, that it didn’t even matter.

I found myself at a little taco stand right next to a car wash. Had myself a good burrito, and sat there doing some people watching till I finished even the ice from my Mr. Pibb. My comfortable, relazing few minutes was momentarily interrupted by a homeless man spouting gibberish at me after he was yelling at the cooks to give him something for a dollar. I was initially planning on ignoring any begging he’d throw at me, but he came at me with gibberish and grabbing his pants. Unsettling, fur sure, but he ended up wandering off and I didn’t have to run away.

When I ran out of ice, I got up and wandered further West, in search of some yogurt, since there was a yogurt place across the street. Unfortunately, pretentiousness kept me from treking inside, so I headed further West, finding The Troubadour, a venue I have yet to visit. I stopped before Beverly Hills and turned around, opting to find a last stop at The Den, which had me walking up steep La Cienega just to see if I could do it.

Tonight would have been another trip to the Zoo, but I think I’ve filled my day.

Mission to Mars

Monday, April 26th, 2010

So, I’ve moved in and have begun settling in my new base of operations: West Hollywood. That same region this Hills nonsense occours. My neighborhood is the quiet one next to a 7/11. About half an hour’s walk from The Den, which I have so far walked to… twice. Yeah, let’s go with that many times.

After giving my brother/roommate a ride to an important meeting, I decided I’d give Astro Burger a try, since it’s supposedly gotten good reviews and is right down the block from my new apartment. Located on the corner of Santa Monica and Gardener, this place is sort of a sad little diner. The menu is rather large, spanning about half the length of the place.

I decided the best choice of action would be to go with a cheeseburger. if the place has Burger in its name, then it’s got to have decent burgers, right? Of course, I found myself at Sandy Burger numerous times while living around the corner from Hollywood and Vine and never once tried the burger, so maybe that’s not really the best call.

Cheeseburger, a side of onion rings(the menu stated they were “home made”), and a Coke. First of all… I recomend In-n-Out burger’s classic cheeseburger over this thing. The patty is about as thin, but In-n-Out simply tastes better and the tomato’s fresher.

The onion rings had rather boring breading, but at least the onions themselves were cooked to a consistancy that lead to them being easily torn apart rather than pulled right out of the breading shell. They still needed a lot of ketchup. I have a preference for not requiring ketchup on onion rings. Perhaps I should have gone with fries.

It was all a bit overpriced for the qualiy of food. Perhaps I’ll try again and go for the Mexican food on the menu. I saw a couple eating something to that extent on a plate. That looked good, for the little bit that was left.

And back to the atmosphere… it was lacking. There were numerous table jukeboxes, but I wasn’s willing to put in a quarter to see if they worked seeing as how the place was quiet. I had a conversation to eavesdrop on, but it was only comething continued and of little interest to an otherwise enjoyable activity.

When I stopped at the Arco to get a few bucks worth of gas before coming back home, I found I had an upset stomach. Skip the onion rings.