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They Don’t Need Titles

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

It clears out a lot when you finish online traffic school, file your taxes, and get a paycheck to fill in the missing bank funds. The stress goes and it seems things begin to look up. I even came across $1.10 lying around while working, which, when still not making a whole lot higher than the lowest legal wage, it’s a nice little bit.

The previously mentioned upcoming move to nicer digs seems to be at a hault. At the moment it’s all in the hands of my brother/roommate. We have 11 days to be out of the current place and his being rather busy it’s putting me a little on edge. New potential business prospects along with Fox approaching him for a reality show sort of puts him in the boat of slightly too busy to fax over the applications for the apartment on Sweetzer. Trouble.

As for my “comedy career”, I just put Zoo appearance #8 in the toilet bag and collected myself a link to open mic listings. I’ve started using an RPG analogy and I now I feel I’ve reached level 7 or level 8. I’ll level faster if I can use this list, network and collect xp(which is appropriate, seeing as how literal experiences build material).

Oddly, probably not ironically, my brother so recently(less than 24 hours ago) found out that the show How I Met Your Mother, featuring Den Regular(and Muppet fanatic) Jason Segel, was not a reality show but a sitcom. I have no idea how exactly such a title would work as a reality show and I suppose that question is pretty damn moot, but damn.

Meanwhile, to add to the plethora of subjects, here, I had a minor issue with my site navigation and had to replace it with another. Bottom of the current entries. Use it to see what I did.

How was your Green Day?

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

That’s what the guy at 7/11 asked me while I was shopping for after party snacks. I wonder if he’s just unaware of that also being a band. Weirdo.

A man staggered out of the disabled women’s bathroom, holding the door for stability. “That’s the ladies’ room, sir.” I said as he drifted off, I assume, to do more drinking. Earlier, I had spotted Billy, a Den regular, dressed in a giant shamrock. He can be best described as a happy, friendly fratboy. I suppose that makes him perfect for working at National Lampoon. The offices of which are situated next door to The Den. There is the tiniest of allyways between them, blocked off by a locked gate.

It was a good night for the place I usually only visit on Monday nights, right after work. Or, at least, it seemed that way to me. The beats were jumpin’, glasses weren’t being returned fast enough to make more drinks in them, and I saw evidence of green beer having been served. This also included the presence of a green tongue and green stained fingers… both attached to the afore mentioned Billy. How odd.

It was Wednesday and I was under the impression that the Zoo would be having its regular open-mic night. I was correct in thinking, having seen a flyer the week before, that it wasn’t going to happen. And here I had driven all the way down there. I stayed for all of a few minutes before I was informed otherwise and opted to head to Hollywood for my night instead of being in Van Nuys. In my experience, it’s a better option. Though I could just as well have come back home and watched more anime on Hulu… or even season 5 on LOST because I’m that far behind.

But, hey this is one of the holidays dedicated to drinking, right. Then again, any holiday is often an excuse to drink. This one, though… has cheap beer with food coloring. Make a beer green for any other reason, and people look at you funny.

Number Five

Friday, March 12th, 2010

I should probably make this blog consistant. Shame on me.

Last night was the fifth time up on stage at The Liquid Zoo. Other comics go around to numerous open-mics to work on material and I still only go to one on a weekly basis. With help, which I’m finding is readily offered, I can improve and start doing this more frequently and eventually getting paid for this activity. Supplimental income is a good thing.

It felt like my best set to date. That same high I felt after doing it the second time came back. It was even better this go around. I had inadvertantly started promoting myself, resulting in my brother and a couple of his friends coming in. I was almost as nervous at the first go round for a week beforehand when he told me he was going to come.

Thought I wasn’t quite ready and maybe I wasn’t, but the results were better than expected. I started going into things I hadn’t written anything for. I even yelled at a drunk to shut up when she started to demand I sing. That was awesome.

There seems to be a certian level of drunkeness that works for me on stage. The previous week had me a little too out of it. This last time, just about right. I could probably be fine doing it sober, but it’s sort of expected that a comic should drink. I promise, I’m not an alcoholic.