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The Council Shall be Furnished!

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

And so… after almost the entirety of Summer, my base of operations now has livingroom furniture. Picked up from Out of The Closet for, what I am assured, is practically free(so far as decent furniture goes). My brother/roommate love regaling the story of how the couch and oversized chair came to be in our ownership. As if the stars were aligned that day to give us what was needed for the party that followed.

Oh, yes, also after the entirety of Summer, a party was held. Seems as if multiple things are happening late this Summer. Unfortunately, that does include the heat. Damn. This Summer was going to be the Summer of awesome parties to be held at this three bedroom apartment. Aim for three, my friends, and you’ll have more space to enjoy.

Of course, as the party was short notice, none of my friends were able to make it. Not that I was a wallflower throughout the whole thing. This was my home turf. Plus, there was plenty of delicious food and a near-endless supply of alchohol. And it kept growing as those who arrived brought with them the classic housewarming gifts of alcoholic beverages, including various beers, wine and a bottle of Maker’s 46 that was immediately opened and consumed. Some even managed to make it through the night.

After many hours of imbibing and consuming of tacos, the night was followed up by a visit to Bar Lubitsch where another round of cocktails was bought along with a few burbon shots. We spent the length of a drink there and galavanted our way back to the land of party origin, one or two of us stopping momentarily to buy more alcohol as it was nearing 2am. Did I have another shot? I believe that may have happened.

And the next day, I better understood the meaning of hangover. A hangover further agrivated by the heat of the awful Summer day. Have I mentioned I don’t like hot Summer days? Booo!

Interesting Month Days 3-9

Tuesday, August 10th, 2010

Six days in one! So, yes… it has been nearly a week and nothing gigantically interesting has happened… well, within my personal experience. There have been some interesting developments at the old work place, such as a broken bench having been completely removed from a bleacher section at WaterWorld. That was most recent.

Other things like gaining a nice incentive for a job well done a month prior, gaining an ally in my trouble with another employee(drama!), and finding out someone thinks I’m doing an awesome job of my new promotion(I couldn’t make out the name given over the phone. This mystery will be solved!).

Last night, after posting a Facebook comment, I got a phone call from a friend. We talked about important things such as her doing her best to earn enough to pay me and others back and she brought up the subject of what I want to do.

My job at the ol’ theme park has some nice little perks to it, but ultimately, I do not wish to stay with the company. Advancement in the theme park is a thought I am not entirely against but if it has me stuck in a cubicle or some other familiar place of corporate compliance, I should choose to go mad.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is a desire to write/direct and in the mean time be more involved in filmmaking. I’ve done it in the past and it has long hours, sore feet, and me very tired at the end of the day despite the numerous Red Bulls consumed(of which I only consume on rare occasions). For some reason, all that is part of the enjoyment of doing it. Even though my experience involved one bad movie and a kid’s reality show, I had it and I liked it. It steals away your personal life, but hey, you’re free after production ends.

My friend mentioned a particular production job that would have me running around in the woods for a month, which, as it so happens, I have far more experience doing. I’ve built trails, damnit(I even got an award or two for that one). Ah, Venture Scouts, how I love you.(Explorers when I was in, but still…)

I can’t share one tiny tidbit of the precious story. If I end up involved, though, there may stuff in the future.

Meanwhile, a couple coworkers have be bugging me about my vampire screenplay. I haven’t written anything toward it in a while, though I have thought of new scenes and a solution to a prop problem(though the actual prop is a thought and not anything physical). Also… you can apparently fly directly from London to LA, which solves a transportation plothole, of which the only solution I had was amnesia.

I do have a sixth work day tomorrow(Tuesday). Contractually that means time and a half, but it also means I have only one off day this week. Preferably it will be used well with a nostalgic trip to Sandy Burger down near Hollywood and Vine(best Chinese food I’ve ever had).

Later, perhaps another visit to The Den, more things that actually happened between days three and nine, and, of course, the midnight showing of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

Day 2

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010

Let’s start with an “OOPS!” Not because this is technically a day late, but because I spent a little too much recently to celebrating having extra money. The extra money for rent this month(my debt is rent related. Erk!).

Today(Monday, I mean) didn’t have a huge pile of interesting things, but it had some… things. First of all… I had a 2:30 shift. This meant I could sleep in for a long time. I wound up getting up about an hour before my alarm, used the extra time for hair washing, and Facebookery. Then I ended up wasting too much time and very nearly being late. There was lots of running that essentially left me sick for a few hours. That blows.

Scheduling has been shit lately. Whoever’s responsible for it keeps misplanning or making huge mistakes, so I was off well after I needed to be doing anything. Left me open to break someone else. I had a failing radio and an employee who was throwing up… and then I had to finish out the night. Nothing hugely interesting. Afterwards, I followed a few coworkers for crepes on citywalk. We had a discussion about getting to know one another. It was interesting for me at least.

Got me some comics and headed home. Luckily I found a spot on the Monday side despite it being so late. Ended up at Bar Lubitch and just recently(within the last half hour)… Los Tacos. Good stuff.

Some small things filling the interesting description, I suppose. Nothing hugely interesting. I don’t want to be disappointed so soon. Perhaps I should fold cranes from yesterday’s paper find(there are still some in the 7/11 parking lot as I type this).