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And then it Began…

Sometimes it’s a wonderful thing to have your weekend in the middle of everyone else’s week. The stress of crowds disappear at the end of Wednesdays and on into Thursdays. This is a luxury I suspect I shall lose come the last two weeks in October. For now… after the only Tuesday of the event, I was glad to run away and hide in my cozy little hole I call my bedroom. End of the hall means you stop before you get to the place.

Anyway… why bother telling you that? Simply put: Tuesday was a disaster. Oh, it started out alright, but then a series of things began to crash into each other causing the pile up that was Employee Preview night. Success if you came wandering through for your amusement, but I was left feeling like a bit of a frazzled mess thanking the turn of the Earth that it wasn’t 2AM yet and I could still buy a cocktail with which to lick my wounds.

I can only hope it didn’t rub off on the newbies and most if not all of them will be there come Friday’s event night. Even better if those two who called out decide they actually do want to work at an amusement park in the middle of the night in the woods next to the Bates Motel. And that’s not a metaphore. If you’ve been there; if you plan on coming, you’ll know.

I should find my flashlight. It’s dark in the woods at night. Now where was in my brother hid the damn thing?

Three people recieved lunches, including myself, four people recieved breaks. Could have been the other way around. Lead who covered me when I left to eat, not realizing how late into my shift it was, told me he was afraid to mess with my board. My board was a slobish thing as it was. Too bad it was too dark to see anyway. My plans fell apart on me from the get go anyway and park guests were only just then arriving.

And only now do I realize maybe I shouldn’t be writing about all this, when any of you could betray my thoughts to your crafty little plots of destruction. This isn’t weakness, my audience. It only makes me stronger for the following weeks. Do not let my blathering nonsense detour you from coming. We all had this domino colapse together. It was fun. Fun to fail despite not aiming for the fail. And it wasn’t terribly noticeable how awful it was. I’l bet it was crazy everywhere. First dress rehearsal. Thousands of things go wrong and it’s awesome to be a part of that. If you don’t stumble and fail your way through to the end how will you know how far you’ve gone to get to the pass? Success is far more satisfying after you’ve fallen on your ass and kept going.

Anyway… I shall return some time before Saturday’s run to spill everything I can about what happens Friday. For better or worse and with all the excitement I can muster. Crossing my fingers the excitement won’t include too much of my own blood.


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