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Archive for January 10th, 2010

Night In

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Currently, this is most of nights… one spent inside. That should change with the phrase ‘For the blog!’ entering my regular thoughts. So, future plans will be to be involved. Tonight, since I know tomorrow is an early shift at Universal, I wanted to stay at home and make an attempt to go to bed at a reasonable time.

I decided to add some links to the radio stations I listen to, mainly in the car, for anyone reading my blog to better get a feel for who’s writing it. I’ll throw in other kinds of links later on, most likely, since it’s easy to do and I like to share the things I’ve got with people I bring into my place.

In the mean time, since this apartment is still without cable(a fact I have had to live with for a few months. Things should change, soon.) I have been catching up with some shows on Hulu. Primarily Family Guy, though, I find it’s a great source for anime. I’ve been watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which, if you’ve seen the original series, it starts out much the same, but diverges nicely into its own unique plot. I find myself enjoying it much more.

If you check out Hulu’s Animation and Cartoons section, you’ll find quite the selection of old and new series and movies. Though not every series is included, there is a lot of nostalgia to be had. That’s especially true when you find shows you had forgotten about. I suppose I should check the Comedy section for some Live Action related nostalgia.

Hello, World.

Sunday, January 10th, 2010

Sitting here at some awful hour eatting Jack in the Box. I was just going to get a sandwich, but then I saw that curley fries picture on the menu. The Sourdough Jack tastes so good when you haven’t eaten anything of any quality in hours.

So, anyway… I just had my first outing since setting up this blog. Again, I’m not quite finished with its appearance and there will be more to come to the site, but it’s time to put it to some use. Tonight, it was a little something down a back alley at Santa Monica’s 3rd Street Promenade called Comediaplex. Google pointed me in the right direction, but I didn’t follow quite right and parked much farther down than I needed to. Oh well.

I managed, despite leaving a little later than intended due to wanting to level up in a facebook ap, to get there right on time for the whole thing to start. It was a small room, but the beer was free, so I was content. Wish I had been there a litte earlier so I wouldn’t have had to sit over on the side. But then, if I hadn’t been on the side, the guy I went there to see might not have seen and therefore recoginized me after his set. Which, due to him being so late, happened after the headliner.

It was mostly good comedy. Some not so good… but I appreciate being able to see the stuff that’s not so good. You get a better feel for how it really is rather than seeing the best edited stuff in a special on TV.

Oh, I almost forgot. Several of us, climbed into a vehicle capable of seating at least five and headed on over to a crowded Karaoke bar somewhere around the corner. It smelled like vomit when we made our way through the crowd and to the back of the bar. We hung out next to the bathrooms waiting for Ron, the comedian who I went to Comediaplex to see, to sing what turned out to be a great rendition of Welcome to the Jungle. Then we all headed out the emergency exit for a quick get away.

It was a good Saturday.